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Jesse W. White
Jesse W. White

Jesse W. White, Ed. S., DTE, Owner, President

Prior to starting Jesse W. White & Associates, LLC, Mr. White has been consulting in Career and Technical Education (CTE) and was CTE Director for Hampton City Schools, VA. He combines experience as a business owner with Quality, Lean and Six Sigma experience and expertise with STEM Education, career academies, workforce readiness, organizational change processes.

White has led teams of stakeholders to create project charters and strategic plans for three Virginia Governor’s academies, implemented career pathways, developed middle school technology and business programs, and two middle school STEM programs. He is a Technology and Engineering Teacher and a Distinguished Technology Educator (DTE). Serving public schools in Career and Technical Education public policy, Mr. White was Vice President for Public Policy for

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Mary Ruth Reeve, M.Ed., Senior Consultant

Mary Ruth Reeve

Ms. Reeve has over 4 decades of experience in education and children’s services.  Her educational experiences include being a teacher of instrumental music at all levels, early childhood, elementary school, and middle school. She holds multiple certificates that cover all levels of education, special education, and administration. Ms. Reeve has been a teacher, school principal, directors of federal programs, director of special education, and a superintendent of schools. Additionally, she was the vice president for Cal Farley’ Boys Ranch, one of the largest providers of residential services for children in the United States.

Ms. Reeve has worked with diverse populations to include yet not limited to, several Native American tribes, immigrate students, and out of home youth. Ms. Reeve worked with teachers to provide culturally linguistically responsive instruction. Ms. Reeve was the Director of Bilingual and English Acquisition Programs. She has served as Special Education Director. She was named Administrator of the Year for Gifted Education Services for the State of New Mexico.

Ms. Reeve has served on numerous accreditation and review teams for education and children services. She has been a peer reviewer for AdvancEd, the Council on Accreditation, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and Head Start reviews. Ms. Reeve has certified in the New Mexico teacher evaluation system and the AdvancED accreditation system. She has served as a Baldrige Reviewer and on the Board of Examiners for Texas Quality.