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In each of the areas below, our team can provide program and grant planning, help you develop partners with industry and post-secondary education, help identify evidence of learning and program success, help you with strategic planning, define your scope of activity, and provide research-based best practices to help your students succeed.

External Program and Grant Evaluation – Evaluation of programs and grants may be a requirement or a way to inform key stakeholders and administrators on progress of activity. These activities are meaningful, high level descriptions, workflow analysis, job analysis, measuring the effect of a program, reduction of wasteful practices, and improvement in customer relations.

Does your team need help with grants! Our team can write grants, provide an external evaluation, and help you develop measures of success or evidence to enhance your proposals and provide descriptive and non-experimental statistical analysis. 

STEM – Whether you call it STEM, STEAM, STEAAM, iSTEM, or have your own acronym, STEM is an integrated approach to developing the next generation of careers. STEM is not an independent course. It is the confluence of four disciplines that do not displace other academic requirements.

Science and Mathematics are at the core of STEM coupled with the study of Technology. The world lives in a technological society and all children and adults should study technology. Engineering is big “E” to create future engineers or little “e” to teach the engineering design process. STEM programs are more than a fad. 

With expertise in creating PK-12 STEM programs, our team can help you with program development, grant processes, program evaluation based in evidence of learning and evidence of success, and classroom process design. From Bee bots to FIRST robotics, maker spaces to manufacturing, we can help you design successful programs and present evidence of student success.

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Public Policy – CTE is enjoying a renewal of interest and funding. However, it is not enough to have students sit by in out of date or unsafe labs. Our team can help you with public policy research, action plans, material development to make your case, and provide training to CTE staff or other advocates for your program. The key is one voice! One message! 

Career Academies – Jesse W. White led the way for Hampton City Schools to develop career academies, Virginia Governor’s STEM Academies, and the first Governor’s Health Sciences Academy in Virginia. Our team can help you develop academies that make sense for your schools, write your application for recognition, develop grants, and help you partner with employers.  

Career Readiness – Are you struggling with implementing career pathways? Our team can help you determine which pathways make sense for your schools, help develop partnerships, and identify evidence of success criteria. 

Workforce Development – In our world, the employment pipeline can start as early as Preschool. Children learn best through play and as they mature, developing spatial reasoning skills is important. Developing teamwork and other skills early develop the groundwork for later success. We can help you align all grades to future success in college and careers as students progress through their middle, high school, and post-secondary education.