Organizations achieve their goals, build capacity, and make informed decisions.


Develop long term partnerships with organizational leaders, design and evaluate organizational processes, close gaps between goals and reality, provide onsite inspection, provide training, and support strategic plans.

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Real evidence, not guesswork, helps organizations succeed!

Hello and welcome to Jesse W. White & Associates, LLC.

We are a for profit small business with a dynamic team who possess the skill sets necessary to help you collect evidence in your organization and succeed in your organizational goals.

Our team members utilize a participatory approach to help organizations.

Keeping the end in mind, we work with clients as a partner and construct interpretations of work processes, programs, and ways to understand the work setting. Our team then develops the most appropriate plan that aligns with the vision, mission, goals, and plans of your organization. By actively engaging stakeholders, evaluation planning and implementation processes will help you find efficient and effective practices based on research, evidence, and information.

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Jesse W. White
Jesse W. White

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